Episode 4: Jon Shockness (Kid Astronaut), Singer, Musician/Yoga Lover, Bicyclist


When I spoke with Jon Shockness, aka Kid Astronaut, he had recently performed at Red Rocks, the legendary open-air amphitheater situated a few miles from Denver, Colorado, his hometown. A big deal by any measure, but a particularly heady experience for Shockness, a soulful vocalist and musician, whose second solo album, Full Moon, came out in the spring. A former member of the hip-hop band Air Dubai, which disbanded in 2015, Shockness craves movement and connection with his environment. He listens to soundscapes while biking through Denver. While touring, he would run in every city he visited to get a sense of the place. His yoga practice helps to manage his anxiety. And when I asked if he views his workouts as training for his creative work and performances, he said he doesn’t separate the two. Life is art, art is life. He has big plans for his future and I’m pretty excited to see where he goes. Listen to us touch on how he fell into yoga, what his workouts have looked like over the years, the role movement plays in managing mental health and how a relentless quest to be better finds its way into both his musical and physical pursuits.

Follow Kid Astronaut on Instagram @kidastronavt and Twitter @kidastronavt.
Find him on Facebook @kidastronaut.
For Kid Astronaut merch — and the chance to give back a little — visit kid-astronaut-shop.myshopify.com. $5 from the sale of each tee supports the Denver Food Rescue.
Check out his new album, Full Moon, here.

About Kid Astronaut
By slipping through portals, time and dimensions, we’re able to find Kid Astronaut’s music the perfect soundtrack for soaring through the outer and inner cosmos. Born Jon Shockness, on May 23, 1990, in Denver, Colorado, Kid Astronaut is a visionary, a musician and a creator. Whether you’re part of a live show, the album-listening experience or a visual presentation, Kid Astronaut’s music will draw you in, leading you on an incredible journey of love, loss, inspiration connection and more.


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