Episode 3: Bobby Rock, Drummer/Weight Trainer & Fitness Enthusiast


The ’80s hair-metal scene is known for a lot of things, fitness and wellness not normally included. But try telling that to Bobby Rock, an accomplished drummer and fitness enthusiast who committed to a healthy lifestyle back in 1984, just as his career was getting off the ground. He chronicles his professional and personal journey in his new book, The Boy is Gonna Rock, including when he turned to exercise: “One night,” he writes, “in the back lot of a Red Roof Inn somewhere in Mississippi, I did so many sets of squats I could barely walk the next day—no exaggeration.”

His dedication is obvious and very real. Currently on tour with Lita Ford, he will perform a full set on stage and then head to the gym (often after midnight) to get in a workout. He ran two marathons largely because his mother was a runner. He is a quiet leader, loves animals, supports several animal-welfare organizations and has been a strict vegan since 1993 (when leading a vegan lifestyle was still considered fringe). He meditates. He’s written nine books and has toured with the likes of Slaughter, Nelson, Vinnie Vincent Invasion and more.

And, at 54, he’s still drumming and is injury free. Incredibly thoughtful and pleasant, Rock chatted with me about the physical nature of drumming, the ins and outs of his workouts and how his life would be different had he not chosen to get fit.

Follow Bobby on Instagram @bobbyrocklive and Twitter @bobbyrocklive.
Find him on Facebook @BobbyRockWorld.
For more on his fitness, nutrition, music, musings and more, go to bobbyrock.com.
Check out his new book, The Boy Is Gonna Rock (Zen Man Publishing), here.

Bobby Rock is a world-renowned drummer, author of nine books, speaker, entrepreneur, activist, devout vegan, and a recognized health and fitness specialist, with certifications in exercise, nutrition, and meditation. He has recorded and performed with a variety of artists, including Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Nelson, Slaughter, Rare Earth, Brett Garsed, Neil Zaza, Gary Hoey, Hardline, Nitro, Scrap Metal, Alcatrazz feat. Graham Bonnet. the Stu Hamm Band, and is currently touring with rock icon, Lita Ford. He has also released several CDs and toured extensively as a solo performer, and is recognized as a top drumming educator. Additionally—through speaking, writing, and activism—Bobby remains committed to a number of animal and environmental causes.

On Bobby’s playlists: “A startling variety,” including AC/DC, Black Sabbath, funk, R&B, Miles Davis and John Coltrane.


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