Episode 2: Nina Osegueda, Heavy Metal Singer/Runner & Gym-Goer

Photo Credit: Barry Adkins and Target Audience Magazine

Nina Osegueda is the frontwoman of the heavy metal band A Sound of Thunder. She lost 60 pounds in the early 2000s after overhauling her nutrition and exercise habits, and has held to a terrifically realistic approach to fitness, wellness and overall health ever since. She is a runner (sometimes begrudgingly) and likes a good group fitness class. She is also an awesome role model for young women who want to, say, take a stage by storm with a heavy metal band — or who just want to do their thing out in the world (whatever that thing may be) with confidence.

We caught Nina (pictured above, performing at the Fillmore Silver Spring, in Silver Spring, Maryland) on her way to band practice and talked about what she does now to stay healthy and fit, where her creative inspiration stems from, how she and the band envision their musical impact and the energy she aspires to for the rest of her career. (Hint: Iron Maiden factors into that one.) Listen here.

Find Nina on Twitter @DuchessODork

Info on A Sound of Thunder can be found on their website asoundofthunderband.com
Follow the band on Twitter (@asotband) and Instagram (@asotband)

Nina Osegueda (born Balvina Osegueda) is a female heavy metal vocalist from Washington, D.C., and lead vocalist for A Sound of Thunder. A classically trained vocalist, Osegueda began singing at an early age and went from school and county choirs to performing with the Washington National Opera, during its 2000–2002 seasons. Taking a few years to attend college, Nina earned a degree in media art and animation. After graduating, Nina was inspired to go into heavy metal and began by joining her first band, Blood Corps, in 2007. She released only one EP with Blood Corps before joining A Sound of Thunder in 2009. Since then, ASoT has had ten releases, including six full-length albums. Their seventh album, It Was Metal, will be released in the summer of 2018.

A Sound of Thunder delivers a unique and exciting blend of classic heavy metal, progressive and rock. The young upstarts from Washington, D.C., pay no heed to trends, focusing on quality song-writing with memorable melodies and riffs that stand the test of time. With first-class musicianship all around, the band’s not-so-secret weapon is vocalist Nina Osegueda. Standing only 5-feet-2-inches, the diminutive singer packs the vocal wallop of someone twice her size. Described as a “heavy metal Swiss army knife,” Osegueda moves effortlessly from delicate whisper to overwhelming power, with the occasional banshee wail thrown in for good measure.

On Nina’s playlists:
King Diamond, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Sabaton, Candlemass

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